Smock Pleater System

Smock Pleater System

Here’s a chance to offer something totally UNIQUE. The Smock Pleater and Tie back templates offer a totally new and stunning concept in the fabrication of soft top treatments and boasts the following features: 

  • Simple, Fast and Very Low Cost
  • Simple, Fast and Very Low you don’t have to sew it !!
  • No limitation in width or height.
  • Can be used with any depth of Heading or Shirring tape and any size of Rod pocket.
  • Decorative trim, Pleating or Edging can be used to enhance the final effect.
  • Quick and Easy to use; A width of fabric can be smocked in 2 or 3 minutes with stunning effect
  • Made from anti light reflecting PVC designed for workroom conditions.
  • Complete with easy to follow DVD and instruction manual with all fabric calculations
  • A Special bar-tacking tool with 5000 micro-pinch nylon tags also included.

 3 simple steps to create this stunning effect. Templates adjust for both Width and Height comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions...

Step 1

Mark the fabric through the Smock Pleater Template

Step 2

Use the special bar-tacking tool to Smock the fabric only takes a few minutes

Step 3

Gather the Heading or Shirring tape

  Parkhill Smock Pleater System
    Large Valance Template
    Small Tie back Template
    Fine Fabric Bar tacking tool
    Pack of 1,000 T-end bar tags 
    step - by - step  DVD (35 minutes)
    Instruction Manual with fabric calculations
Condition New