Parkhill Royale Swags & Tails System FULL SEET

Parkhill Royale Swags & Tails System FULL SEET

Full Set of Parkhill Royale Swags and Tails System includes:

  • Fully adjustable Aluminium Template for 5, 6 and 7 Pleat Swags  
  • Pleating Jig with 8 Stainless steel rods for Tails and Jabots 
  • Step - by - Step DVD (1 hour 15 minutes)
  • Complete instruction Manual with all Template Settings Fabric and Trim calculations 
  • Set of patterns for Decoratice Cones and Tiebacks

Language Pack Options:
DVD: English, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Russian.
Written Instructions: English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Polish, German, French, Dutch.  


Making Swags and Tails may  have been time consuming before - but not anymore!!!

A system for the manufacture of Swags and Tails that has changed the face of workrooms world-wide is available now. Called the Parkhill Royale, it reduces production time by up to 75 percent.

The System does not replace staff, needs no maintenance or power and is so cost effective that it will deliver huge benefits that will impact on your business from day one.

 If you are in the business of making beautiful window treatments, you will know exactly how much time and effort goes into producing those exhilarating Swags and Tails. Lovely to look at, we know, but a labour of love. We do not need to remind you of all the complications involved, the endless hours in the workroom, the guesswork and worst of all the chance that one slight miscalculation early on could ruin a day’s work and cost you money

Just a few reasons why the Royale Swag system is called THE BEST IN THE WORLD..

 - Increases productivity by up to 400%

 - Systematic approach, simple to use, accurate, no guesswork

 - Tails can be pleated in seconds

 - Available in metric or inches

 - Detachable Swags & Tails , that are easy to maintain

 - Instruction manual with calculation charts of fabric and trim quantities

 - Step-by-step DVD included

 - Swag template with 5, 6 or 7 pleats

 - Swag template adjustable in height and width

Above all, your customer will notice the difference. Beautiful Swags and Tails that can be installed and removed in minutes for cleaning or redecoration.

Swags and Tails that are so easy to create and even easier to make, thanks to the Parkhill Royale System

The Parkhill Royale features a fully adjustable anodised aluminium template that is designed to accomodate several hundred different Swag sizes.

Adjustable in height and width:61-137 width & 31-80 high

The Template allows you to make Swags with 5, 6 or 7 pleats.

Cut the Swags on the straight, length or bias

Our System can be used when fabrics are cut on straight or bias. It totally up to you and makes NO DIFFERENCE to your finished Swags.​​​​​​​

Using Parkhill Royalle could not be any simpler.

It comes with a supporting step-by-step DVD and manual that provides a wealth of practical information allowing creativity to flow.

The System is the culmination of years of experience from one of the worlds leading manufacturers of workroom templates.

Fabrics and Trims Quantities

Everything has been worked out for you. The manual includes :

  • Exact Swag Quantities and sizes for any width of the window
  • Exact fabric and Trim Quantities
  • Short Point height for Overlapping, Point to Point and Pole Swags
  • and much more...

Condition New
Weight 14kg